The man coughed a clot of intact bronchial blood


The illness or death of a patient is always a sad news, but at the same time it often becomes an opportunity for complexity of the human body.

This is what happened a few days ago at the University of California, San Francisco's medical center, where the delicate health condition of a 36-year-old man left a amazed for doctors.

The patient was admitted to the intensive care unit with an "acute exacerbation of cardiac insufficiency chronic disease, "according to physicians Gavitt A. Woodard and Georg M. Wieselthaler, physicians who treated New England Journal of Medicine.

Upon arrival, the doctors applied treatments for several days to help him pump blood and prevent the formation of clots.

During this time, the man had difficulty breathing and episodes of coughing with blood

Despite treatment, the patient continued with cough clots

In one of his episodes of cough, the man expelled a bronchi of your right lung.

This is not unusual, according to doctors, but what caught the attention of doctors was the path "intact" in which the clot was.

"When a person expects a clot is always divided into several parts, a clot is never expelled all of the bronchus, "Dr. Wieselthaler, a cardiac and pulmonary surgeon, told BBC World.

"But this was a case extremely strange which we had to share with the medical community. "

Two days later, the man was intubated and, despite not having any episodes of coughing, died a week later due to cardiac complications.


For Dr. Wieselthaler, this case is nothing more than "a curiosity"which, however, leaves two important messages.

"For the medical field, the message is: please, when you have patients with signs of heart failure, refer the patient to a medical facility with the appropriate treatments. punctual"

According to Wieselthaler, in this case, bleeding in the lung was only one expression of heart failure.

But an image that attracted so much attention also leaves much more lesson width.

"People should be aware of when they enter an advanced stage of the disease, such curiosities can happen and that it's not fun, in this case led to death.

"This kind of curiosity should lead people to think about their own body, because without health there's nothing".


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