The makeup of Thala that earned him a wave of criticism on the Instagram (Photo)


Thala is known for his witty publications on social networks where he shares his day to day and some other occurrence he has to show, such as the video that became viral where he greeted his millions of fans with a funny song. But her latest publication deserves a wave of criticism for too much makeup. Weekend ready! Get out, "the singer wrote next to the picture of discord.

Many of his followers advised not to abuse the makeup or even the shades you wear that day because they felt he was overwhelmed for his age. The publication that takes more than 180 thousand that I like is full of comments, more negative. The boldest one dared to tell him that he looked like a clown.

A few days ago, her fans saw her upset when she sent a video to her Instagram account of her bitter experience at a movie theater where she went in search of fun, but she was furious because the spot she was assigned was not in the best shape . .

The interpreter I do not remember going to their networks to denounce the situation that made her very angry. "I got a bag because the seat I touched was disgusting, full of grease, food, hot dogs and they did not want to clean it," the Mexican diva is heard in the clip while she covers the seat with a black plastic bag.

On the other hand, it seems that anger is soon passed, then end up posing in a fun pose at the headquarters of discord. Was it planned or was the film so good that it made her forget the uncomfortable moment?


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