The ingenious condom brand advertising that hangs over the tragic death of Chimuelo


a private record is the one that has been viralized in the last hours, which A little one who is burying his beloved little quaint, called Chimuelo.

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"Today is a sad day when we left one of our family, our brother, who was certainly a great pet, but today we meet to say goodbye because our Lord took him away"said the child staring up at the sky.

What caught the attention of this video is that the sad moment He was overshadowed by his other pet, a dog, which began to bite the corpse.

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The record added thousands of reproductions, so much that A brand of condoms has been hung from this viral to run an ingenious advertising.

"If you're going to bury the bird, protect it," says that the image posted on the social networks of Durex The poster already has over a thousand tanned and has been shared more than 9 thousand times.

Good bye

Posted by Durex on Tuesday, January 8, 2019


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