The impasse of María Luisa Godoy with her daughters Glamorama


Author: A. C. / April 18, 2019

This Thursday, Maria Luisa Godoy arrived in the morning of TVN feeling guilty. He got up at six in the morning to prepare his daughters Violeta and Jacinta, who attend kindergarten and preschool respectively, but all in vain.

When they reached the canal, they called her indicating that the school van had not picked her up. The reason? They did not have classes today.

The cheerleader apologized on the screen and the panel only managed to laugh at the situation. This is what he said:

Nacho Gutiérrez: "We want to tell the girls of María Luisa Godoy to enter because today there are no classes and they are waiting for the uncle of the van to get them (laughs)"

María Luisa Godoy: "I am experiencing a terrible crisis of maternity"

Hugo Valencia: "You raised the girls to school and today they did not have classes"

Godoy: "Oh, do not tell me that (he sits on the floor) Come comfort me, I'm really wrong, this is no joke, you know I'm responsible, that the most important thing in my life is my daughters.

"But sometimes I'm a little out." "You noticed I think it's a date and it's another race?" I raised my daughters today, combed them, brushed my teeth, blocked them, and learned to make beautiful braids for them. I left them having breakfast … "

Valence: "And from what time, more or less?"

Godoy: "From six in the morning He says a lot to get up It's not fun I'm wrong, I feel terrible guilt And they write to me now from my house:" Are you sure the girls have classes? Because the school bus did not arrive "

Marcela Vacarezza: "The school bus knew and not Mari"

Godoy: "I'm sorry, Jaci, sorry, Violet, I love you, I feel rotten as a mother today, I'm really in crisis, I really feel rotten, but something terrible is happening to me.

"I thought that Friday is no longer a holiday and not Thursday.There is no sign of a cell phone that I have, just for WhatsApp, and they are very long so I can not see them until I leave here at three It's very high where things say and I've lost myself "

Valence: "How long have you been at school?"

Godoy: "They were two years old. Violet is in kindergarten and Jaci in the prekinder"

Iván Torres: "And last year it was the same? Did you take lessons last year?

Godoy: "I must have seen WhatsApp."


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