The Huasitas sound accent


In the most isolated region of Chile, where bad weather accompanies daily activities. Where the wind, the cold, the snow and the rain adorn a green and untamable land. In that part of the country where fewer people live, a group of teenagers lit a red dot, a flame difficult to extinguish. There, a full page of Chilean basketball history was reissued. A duplicate of the chapter they had written the year before. It is the Sub 15 female, who in Aysén exhibited a wordy, excellent, brilliant and efficient game, to shout that they are two times South American champions. A complete gym, from start to finish, and with the future at their mercy, the Huasitas demonstrated an astonishing and hopeful hierarchy.

The first great achievement of this group goes back to last year. In November 2017, the national team that played at the time as Under 14 was crowned the undefeated South American champion that was played in Colombia. Given that the title defense in the Sub Sub 15, Aysén, was the main objective. And if not, be among the top three in the tournament, since it would entitle you to participate in the Sub-16 World Cup next year. And, after winning in the southern zone of Chile, everything was achieved.

The group was led by Warren Espinosa, a Costa Rican technician who spent years in the country. With experience in National League teams, she now spends her days coaching the women's basketball. It was the coach who commanded the Sub 14 and the one who grew up with the Sub 15. "We were a week before the tournament in Aysén, the strength of this group is the union. six months gave the best of each in all training, "says Espinosa.

The title, however, should be given to your interpreters. From Santiago came Catalina Valenzuela (15, base), Pia Henríquez (15, forward), Gabriela Ahumada (14, pivot), Leyla Olivares (15, pivot) and Fernanda Ovalle (15, forward), who was chosen as the best tournament player Catalina Ramírez (15, pivot) participated in Antofagasta; of Punta Arenas they called Barbara Torres (15, base) and Valentina Ojeda (15, pivot); de Castro was mentioned Dámaris Alarcón (15, base); Concepcion arrived Francisca Rocha (15, pivot); and Puerto Montt joined Josefa Orrego (15, striker) and Martina Gallardo (15, striker).

The 12 selected were grouped under the name of Huasitas, nickname that they selfimposed in the first South American that won. "It's coming from the south," said Josefa Orrego, "the people of Santiago say that we speak as if we were afraid, more cantadito, they were also beaten. "It's southern, but it represents all Chile because of the huaso and huasa when they dance. We have already appropriated, the whole process has accompanied us and people identify us," adds his compatriot Martina Gallardo.

The road to the South American bicampeonato was not easy. The Sub 15 had an unexpected stumble in their debut when they fell to Argentina in a crowded gym. The latter was one of the causes of this defeat, which also provoked a profound reflection on the selected. The large number of people surprised them and even deconcentrated them in the game. "We felt nervous, out of focus and not comfortable. We had never played with so many people," says Valentina Ojeda. He adds: "We later realized that these little things can not affect us in the game."

After the premiere, the National Team met to talk. Espinosa led the conversation in which they proposed not to lose again. Going to the World Cup is the goal that is still in their heads and if they lose the second duel, against Uruguay, that would disappear. The triumph against the plows and the later against Colombia put them in a semifinal, where they dispatched to Brazil. And in the definition they took all their experience, short in years but rich in basketball. In the definition, Ecuador could not before the Chilean storm that honored to the wind of Aysén to be with a great victory and with the title.

"We started nervously, also confident, but we realized that it would not be easy. We realized that nobody was going to give us the cup and we had to fight more," says Barbara Torres.

The desires and the nerves of a complete gym turned out to be a factor in favor of the Huasitas. "Public support was super cute, we never expected such a reception. We are grateful to them for all the love they have given us," sums up Catalina Valenzuela. "The pressure was felt, we had to revalidate the title at home.We got used to the public, they were part of us and they shouted at us.At the games it served," adds Pia Henríquez.

About the title, everything was joy after winning the Ecuador. "The feeling is wonderful, we have been champions twice and no one has done that before, they have all improved compared to last year," says Gabriela Ahumada.

On the other hand, Dámaris Alarcón emphasizes the commitment of both players and the technical staff: "In the mergers you left families, some birthdays, leaving friends in school, we are part of a family that has been forming last year, we're not just a team. The connection between us is something I've never experienced in a team. "

The MVP of the tournament, Fernanda Ovalle, who also stood out at U14, demonstrated the qualities that elevate her as one of the most promising figures in national basketball. And this stands out in a group where all players are top notch. "It was a very difficult tournament where we faced strong and strong teams. Very happy to be a better player, it's another motivation for me to make an effort and keep working," he says.

And that is the spirit of this team that continues to grow and is part of a plan to promote women's basketball, which these two titles have confirmed. Iran Arcos, president of the Chilean Basketball Federation, appreciates the progress that this branch has had. "It has been a year with a lot of competition, and in November and December we will meet to plan the work of these girls, we have to attend international tournaments to get to the World Cup, positive things are coming and the first thing is to build the future," he says. he.

Despite having two South American titles in hand, the Huasitas do not cut the desire to expand their exploits. The Under-16 World Cup 2019 is on the horizon with the sole objective of reaching the World Cup. Conquering the planet fulfills the ambition of a group that has already appropriated the continent, but still hungry.


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