The "HIV Summer 2019 Rapid Test" campaign begins with members of the Conaf brigade – Diario Aysén


This action is part of the National Plan for AIDS Prevention, aimed especially at young people between 15 and 29 years of age.

The new Conaf Brigade, which will
Chile Chico and that in the great majority is composed by minors of
29, were chosen to launch the
Rapid HIV Summer 2019 ", initiative of the government of President Sebastián
Piñera, through the Ministry of Health and whose purpose is to investigate
prematurely HIV infections. "We are in a campaign that is part of the
National HIV / AIDS Plan focused on research and diagnosis,
because every patient who has HIV has five who do not know and that is why
that we are focused on young people up to 29 years of age, mainly because
is where HIV positive reporting has increased more, "said Alejandra
Valdebenito Torres, Seremi de Salud Aysén.

The campaign was launched nationwide
Wednesday and goes until March this year, hoping to reach the maximum
number of young people. "It is government policies that need to be done
In a transversal and joint way, it is extremely important to call the population
to perform these tests. They are very powerful figures, that's why we are
working with agriculture It is not a task that requires only health, but rather
the world of agriculture, women, men, education and
different sectors to internalize and apply these healthy behaviors,
especially in relationships, "explained Tatiana Fontecha, Seremi de

While Andrés Bobadilla, Seremi (S)
added that "we want to replicate this with our
brigades that depend on Conaf and especially on this new brigade of
young fighters who will operate in Chile Chico, "he said.

Quick tests to detect HIV
AIDS, are professionally applied and are available throughout the Network of
Regional Public Health. "We have our professionals and technicians with a
program already in the field, which is already being
relation to the implementation of these rapid HIV tests, "he added.
Rina Cares, director of the Aysén Health Service.

Maikon Aguayo, one of the young people
and the Chief of the H-11 Brigade, he evaluated these instances that
seek to control HIV / AIDS in the country. "In my opinion, it's an excellent
initiative that the Government has taken and urge young people to take this test,
so leave no doubt and take the measures corresponding to the case ".

Meanwhile, Norma Cárcamo, from the Collective
Undressing, she said she hoped these tests would also be extended to women and
owners of a house, a group that also had a strong increase in the number of infections
for HIV / AIDS. "We hope it will also be available to a very large group of
women as housewives, working women, because we know that the owners
have been a group that has suffered the impact of this disease. Advance
sexual and reproductive rights of women will always be
We are participating in the operations that will be carried out, the
proximity to people, and we also want to value the instance that the
civil society join those spaces, "he said.

On the other hand, Genesis Arias, in
representation of the INJUV, stated that "as National Institute of Youth,
Let's support and we are working together with Seremi de Salud
these tests in the age group with which we work, from 15 to
29 years, "he said.

Finally, it should be noted that during the
In the summer, the health sector team will have positions to
in Costumes and mass activities.


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