The hidden truths did it again: reveal that Ricardo is alive and has met with Agustina | TV and Show


The spoilers of Hidden Truths They proved true once again. Now it has been discovered that Ricardo (Julio Jung) is alive and not killed by Leonardo (Carlos Díaz) in the Dominican Republic.

This was announced after agent Alonso (Santiago Tupper) took Agustina from the house where the villain kidnapped her and took her to where the man was. which was thought to be dead.

This fact had been advanced by some followers of the series in social networks, who had recorded, manually, what would be the meeting between the two.

Now we will have to see many explanations in the plot, since it will be shown how was the character of Jung managed recover from a bullet impact on the chest area, leave the Dominican country and arrive in Chile.

Another fact that happened in the last chapter of Hidden Truths was the appearance of Eliana Zapata (Francisca Gavilán), a villain who will be the main ally of Leonardo.

It should be noted that this little "resurrection" of Ricardo became a trend in social networks during this afternoon, since many spectators classified the event as "unusual."

These were some of the reactions.


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