The Health Problems Affecting Coco Legrand


These are complicated days for comedian Coco Legrand. The well-known 71-year-old comedian is facing some complex health problems that have been blamed even to be able to do his job.

"I hear it internally, it's amazing.All my sounds, even when I put my teeth together while chewing," explains the man to the LUN in an interview where he reveals that he is presenting certain problems in his hearing.

"I have to do tests, an x-ray on both ears to see how much fluid is present." I feel more deafness on the left.Everything is under medical evaluation.There is a significant hearing loss, "he said.

In the same interview, Legrand said that one of the causes of his discomfort may be the constant change in temperature.

"Generally with excessive air conditioning that freezes when traveling by plane. After the change of climate to the place we arrive, the heat or the cold in a matter of hours," he said, explaining that since the 80s this is if making it sharper. "It's hard to discriminate letter sounds that are milliseconds, so it's hard to understand. With hearing loss, isolation begins in older adults."


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