Sunday , October 24 2021

The harsh criticisms received by Vesta Lugg, of course, using Photoshop


The US-based singer-songwriter has been harshly criticized in one of her latest Instagram publications, where users say she has abused Photoshop, distorting her image.

Vesta Lugg is certainly accustomed to receiving praise on her social networks, but her photograph at the pool was not a success.

According to his followers, "he ran his hand" with the popular photo retouching application, Photoshop.

"Blonde adventurous, wet hair and care at the same time. Because we can do everything," he wrote in the legend, where he appears at the water's edge. And while the young woman poses in front of the camera, the distortion of the water around her is very distorted.

"It's a lot of photoshop, it does not look like her," "does not need much retouching," and "I thought it was luli before surgery," were just a few of the critical comments she received into her account.

Here you can see the image and draw your own conclusions:

Instagram Vesta Lugg

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