The hard words of Eduardo Fuentes to Ignacio Urrutia: "It's a pity you're in Congress"


The driver said emphatically that Deputy Ignacio Urrutia (UDI) "is a shame for democracy."

Eduardo Fuentes, driver of True lies The Network has strongly criticized the attitude of Deputy Ignacio Urrutia after he starred in a controversy in Mapuche Deputy Minister Emilio Nuyado's Minister Andres Chadwick for the case of Camilo Catrillanca when he mocked the parliamentarian to divide his speech into Mapudungun.

"As a Chilean I want my daughter to grow up in a better country, I demand respect for everyone" (…) "What you have done, sir, is absolutely shameful, and it is a shame for democracy that a person like you "I take care of my words, but it seems to me that you should apologize not only to Deputy Nuyado, but to the whole country," said the driver.

To conclude: "We want you, parliamentarians, to respect us, that we are finally the ones who have you in a place of privilege."


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