The Hanta virus quarantined the Argentine people and confirmed the first case of the year in Chile – International


The Hanta virus has quarantined the Argentine people and confirms the first case of the year in Chile

The outbreak of the virus has caused alarm in the population of the Argentine people, where there are already nine fatal cases. Tvn


This Wednesday they got together three more fatalities in the city of Epuyén, in the province of Chubut, southern Argentina, where until now A total of nine deaths were confirmed by the Hanta virus.

Between the border borders of Chubut and Río Negro is the Andean city that crossed the fear in other places, like Bariloche and Esquel.

The current situation in the locality surpasses the previous outbreak that had in 1996 that left 16 infected and six died by the virus transmitted by rodents.

It is estimated that most affected have been infected by personal contact. "We can not hold each other, we have doubts that the other one is sick", said a local in the middle of the Andes Clarín. "Everything broke in this place, in hours, the most typical of Argentines who are so talkative, it's over, it's over," said a neighbor.

In Chile, health authorities confirmed the first case of the year in Palena, after a 29-year-old woman who traveled to see relatives was diagnosed in Epuyén, which is four hours from Palena.

The Argentine authorities have recommended that Those who must travel to Epuyén, do it with massacres and constantly wash their hands.



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