The funny tapa Alexis Sánchez received on his 30th birthday


This December 19, the striker of the Chilean national team, Alexis Sánchez, he was birthday and he celebrated his 30th birthday.

Tocopillano received greetings from different sports sites, FIFA and its followers.

Through him Instagram account, he shared a video of his intimate party with his family, who sang for him to put out the candles and even made the traditional kiss.

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Subsequently, there was a time to post an emotional reflection on appreciation of the messages sent to him for his birthday.

"Do not let the day end without growing up a little, without being happy. Do not give up on the desire to make your life extraordinary. Do not stop believing that words and poetry can change the world. Whatever happens our essence is intact. We are beings full of passion"He started to say.

Then he added: "Life is desert and oasis. It brings us down, it hurts us, it teaches us, it makes us the protagonist of our own history. Although the wind blows against it, the powerful work continues: You can contribute a verse. DO NOT STOP NEVER DREAMING, because in dreams man and woman are free"


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