The flavors of the electronic cigarette that will eventually destroy your lungs


Experts warn that two popular flavors are particularly dangerous for the lungs

US health authorities have expressed concern with the growth of the habit of "vaping" or "vaping", especially among young people, to the point of qualifying as an epidemic.

Now, an investigation by Harvard University has revealed that the consumption of certain electronic cigarette flavors may end up destroying the lungs.

The problem is that the chemicals that contain these popular flavors prevent the eyelashes, which are the microscopic hairs that line our airways, work properly. This increases the risk of respiratory diseases, such as asthma and obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which in the long term can significantly affect pulmonary function.

The flavors that Harvard points to The most dangerous are candy and popcorn.. The latter is particularly harmful because it contains a chemical called diacetyl which gives it the aroma of popcorn but is very harmful when inhaled. Even microwave popcorn workers suffer from recurrent bronchiolitis obliterans, a lung condition that is already known as "popcorn lung." Something similar happens with the caramel flavor, which contains a chemical called 2,3-pentanedione.

By exposing human bronchial cells to both chemicals for 24 hours, the researchers found that these substances destroy the lashes and also affect their production and its function.

The teacher Joseph Allen, one of the authors of the study, has ensured that users of electronic cigarettes inhale substances that are used to give the aroma of steam they expel, but the effects of these chemicals have not been tested to see if they are safe or not.

Health officials have warned that although it is perceived as less harmful, The practice of vaping is no healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes, because the dangerous and addictive ingredient of both is the same: nicotine.


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