Saturday , October 23 2021

the five players who have made more money without winning "El Rosco"


"Pasapalabras" was already crowned as the most successful program of 2018, but during the show only five people managed to win the total prize in the well-known "Rosco", Daniel Araya who got the largest amount accumulated 176 million pesos.

But there is also another list of winners who, without triumphing in "El Rosco", took a few million in their pockets.

According to data obtained from Chilevisión, Calama's teacher, Ledy Ossandón, obtained more money than all his colleagues, totaling 18 million pesos.

In second place are 2 participants: Eduardo Peñailillo and Egor Montecinos, with 7 million each.

In third place is Macarena Derado, who managed to raise 6 million pesos in only one part, while Fernando Carreño holds the last place, raising 5,750,000.

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