The first comments on Aquaman are very positive


Through Twitter, began to emerge the first reactions of the film of Aquaman, probably the most anticipated film of December and the unique project of superheroes that Warner Bros. will premiere this year.

Create a character page for: James Wan (Saw, The Spell, Fast and Furious 7), the film will hit theaters in December after the failure of Justice League but will seek to demonstrate that DC characters are not lost and still have a lot to say on the big screen.

In that vein, the first reactions are very positive, as they all focus on the positive aspects that would include the direction of Wan, the interpretation of Jason Momoa and the role of the villains in this film.

Check out the first few comments below.

Erik Davis of Fandango. "Aquaman is the most ambitious DC film to date. A great and unraveled visual spectacle that is beautiful, crazy and filled with incredible action. It's really fun to watch. James Wan, in my opinion, is the true star, he elevates the material, makes it entertaining and conquers it. "

Umberto Gonzalez The Wrap: "Aquaman is amazing and absolutely fulfills. Not only is Jason Momoa the king of Atlantos, but he is also the new crowned king of the DCEU. I can not wait to see her again. "

Brandon Davis of ComicBook: "Aquaman is great. James Wan made a really unique superhero movie, usually crossing the territory of epic fantasy, but landed on the family and discovery. The world is visually amazing. Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry is totally rude. Yahya Abdul-Mateen and Patrick Wilson stand out".

Eric Eisenberg of Cinemablend: "I'm excited to say how much I really enjoyed Aquaman. It's a fun adventure built on tremendous action sequences, with a great hero arc and Jason Momoa acting as the glue that unites him. There is a fun world outfit and it looks great. It's a big step for the DCEU. "

Mike Rougeau of Gamespot: "I saw Aquaman before Thanksgiving and had a week to think about it. It is unsuccessful, but entertaining. Momoa and Patrick Wilson are absolute gems. Above all, the film is full of insane. I can not believe how big, creative and crazy it gets. I'll have to see it again! "

Peter Sciretta by Slash Film. "Aquaman is better than expected. It feels like a Marvel Phase 1 movie, in a good way. It is best when you have fun and do not take yourself too seriously. Black Manta is a great villain that comic book fans are going to love. It has some spectacular unique shots and good action. The battle of the third act does not become the typical trap of a comic book and is surprisingly ambitious. A lot of aspects I did not like probably can be traced to decisions that Snyder made and were inherited by Wan (Casting, Chemistry between Heard and Momoa). "

Germain Lussier de IO9. "Aquaman is a big, crazy and fun trip. It is blatantly melodramatic and exaggerated with the most ambitious sense of scale imaginable. Parts of these are rather bad but they are not the majority and they fit with the caricature tone. It's the second best DCU movie. "

Den of Geek: "Aquaman is a fun and colorful introduction that embraces the mythology of Atlantis, full of visual invention and ideas but the second part suffers from trying to gather too many things."

Paul Shirey of Joblo: "I loved Aquaman. It is a comic book with everything that implies, great action, emblematic moments and visual spectacle. Momoa does the character of his and Wan honors the traditional aspects, but elevates them for was modern. It's wonderful. "

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