The first approach to HBO's Watchmen


With a short video presentation of his big premieres for 2019 on HBO, the first look at what will come in his adaptation of Watchmen.

The series, by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometehus) will not be an adaptation almost to the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons as was the Zack Snyder movie. Several reports have said that elements of the comic book will be needed to expand the universe and position itself as a kind of sequel.

With that in mind, the following video includes a few brief seconds that give us an explanation on a police force with yellow masks covering the face, new masked vigilantes not seen in the original comics, the character of Jeremy Irons (which could well be an old Ozymandias) and a stranger wearing a mask that resembles Rorschach.

Much more is not there in these brief seconds, except to make it clear that this Watchmen will explore a new territory. This is what they should keep in mind, otherwise if they expect a new direct adaptation, they will be disappointed.

Watch the video below.

Keep in mind that this video also includes some Game of Thrones and not even for Netflix went unnoticed.

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