The fierce viñamarino raspacachos from Chiqui Aguayo to Arturo Longton and Sebastián Eyzaguirre Glamorama


Author: F. V. / February 28, 2019

After Jani Dueñas' pious routine at Quinta Vergara, there were some celebrities who took revenge on the comedian's social networks. The most outstanding ones were Arturo Longton and Sebastián "Cuchillo" Eyzaguirre.

"Hunger, goodbye, to get involved with the legend," were some of Longton's sayings, after Duenas launched a sculpture about him in his routine. – HAVE HERE

Eyzaguirre, meanwhile, posted a harsh message on his Instagram account while the comedian was booed by the public.

"I am very happy that they put you in their place and they lower you to the cloud of morality in which you put yourself," was part of the text that Eyzaguirre dedicated to Dueñas. After a few minutes, he decided to erase it.

In the program of the festival Échale la Culpa a Viña, broadcast on Channel 13 and TVN, Dueñas was invited and responded. While Chiqui Aguayo criticized the attitude of the two television men:

Francisca García-Huidobro: "Apparently there are people who really liked your failure.People with whom you apparently had outstanding bills"

Jani Dueñas: "Who, my God!"

García-Huidobro: "I do not know, Arturo Longton left, Sebastián Eyzaguirre. Or did not you discover that you had many enemies?"

Chiqui Aguayo: "He got mad at the Arthur Longton joke"

Jani Dueñas: "Obviously he got angry if I said" silly "and everyone told him silly all his life on television. So he got mad at me because I remembered it, and it's really a cliché, a stereotype, it's not such a good joke.I apologize, Arturo, because I could have made a much better joke "

Cristián Sánchez: "There we have exactly what Arturo Longton put:" It happens to you to get involved with the legend. "He defines himself as the legend"

Mauricio Jürgensen: "That was a good joke"

García-Huidobro: "That joke you should have thrown away. You would have put Fifth in your pocket"

Owners: "No, this joke is going now"

Aguayo: "Your routine I think will be powerful after that"

Owners: "One day you can do well in the comedy and next week you go wrong with the same routine, with the same people.

"So it's not that someone is not so used to it, and everything is material, and everything can be reused. It's going to give me a lot of work to think about and then download it, I hope to use it creatively"

Sánchez: "And in the case of Sebastián Eyzaguirre, he also spoke in his personal Instagram.He spoke about karma"

Owners: "What did I do to him? I told him I did not want to work at CQC"

García-Huidobro: "We are two"

Aguayo: "He put a tweet that he deleted afterwards, which said" how good they put you in their place, "something like"

Owners: "And what is my place, according to him? I had already forgotten that this person existed and I think many people too. So good that you can go back to …"

Aguayo: "I think this is a very bad attitude.When someone is in a difficult situation, take advantage of that.Why didn't he say that when everyone chose the best standard in a super important ranking? I just think it's a good attitude so damn "

Owners: "No, why, it hit you when you're down (hit you when you're down) But you know what? It does not affect me that much"

Sánchez: "Yeah, but did you feel it, the feeling that they're giving me the floor?"

Owners: "I just have not seen it, I've been super protected. Today, I insist, I have not seen Twitter, I have not seen Instagram, I have not seen TV and I intend to continue without doing so until the media effect ends."


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