The Eva virus, which affects women because it is



Médecins du Monde has launched a campaign to ask the World Health Organization (WHO) to "properly" evaluate the virus Eva, a health threat suffered by 3,700 million women in Spain and declare that it is urgent to protect their health against the disease. consequences of inequality.

"It's time to stop the Eva virus, a social disease that affects women because it is, WHO and governments have to act now, because there are many lives that are at stake, as we can see every day in our work," he explained. the vice president of Doctors of the World, Celsa Andrés.

One in three women has suffered or may experience physical or sexual aggression at some point in their lives. Every day, more than 800 people die worldwide from preventable causes related to pregnancy or childbirth, about 300,000 per year. Over 60% of HIV-infected adults in sub-Saharan Africa are women. Genital mutilation endangers the health of thousands of them in 30 countries.

On the other hand, 70 percent of the global health team is female. In the private sphere, care systematically falls on them. Thus, women care more, but receive less care and make fewer health decisions.

The Médecins du Monde campaign shows cases that exemplify how the additional social difficulties faced by women harm their health: lower wages and pensions that prevent them from eating properly or taking the medicines they need; Violence that leaves physical and mental scars; harmful cultural practices, such as forced marriages; lack of research and misidentification of the symptoms of diseases that especially affect women.

"My health prevented me from finding work," says Maria, in the campaign. He is 53 years old and lives in the street for three years. He has no job, no social support, no family support. She suffers from osteoarthritis, which prevents her from working and is a survivor of the violence her partner has subjected her to. "A man on the street is more respected, it is not the same treatment, we suffer more, we add difficulties," he adds.


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