The EPV called on the mobilized workers to end the violence, since it "hinders the dialogue"


Since Port of Valparaíso Company (EPV) called a part of the workers testify the violence who showed during the strike that today Friday is 27 days.

In conversation with The Journal of the Cooperative, O acting president of the EPV board of directors, Raimundo Cruzat, which took over a week ago after the resignation of Raul Celis amid the demonstrations, analyzed that "nothing justifies violence"

"There was a trading desk that was installed earlier this week and the table could be installed there have been certain signs of workers, how to allow the entry of other workers who are not mobilized to work, "Cruzat said, although he assured that"these other violent manifestations have to be rejectedmake dialogue difficult ".

Consulted in a screen where the call mobilized to boycott Christmas and New Year At the port he said that "it is not for me to comment on the posters that the workers put up."

However, he stated that "The important thing is to ask for the removal of violence, because it puts at risk not only the negotiating table, but also gives a very bad image of the port to the outside and therefore, puts port activity at risk this is fundamental to Valparaiso, and it is a luxury that can not be given. "

Delay in the criticized work table

In this context, he pointed to the responsibility of the South Pacific Terminal (TPS) in the radicalization of unemployment, because "when there is a conflict of this or any nature, dialogue is paramount"and, in this case," I consider that It took him a long time to restore the table. (…) and this hardens positions further. "

"That said, today the responsibility to reach an agreement is shared by both parties, … there must be willingness of the workers and the will of the concessionaire, "he asked, although he clarifies that some points of the workers' petition" have different complexities "and are" the responsibility of the State. "

Eventually deployed port officials ask better working conditions and greater safety in carrying out their tasks, among other requests.


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