The dollar reverses the initial trend and rises above $ 690 after purchases made by AFP


The dollar reversed the decline it showed this morning against the Chilean peso, due to a strong buying wave by institutional investors, particularly the AFPs, traders said.

The US currency opened at $ 686.20 and at 10:00 am hit an intraday low of $ 685.90 seller. From that point on, the exchange rate experienced a turnaround and began to rise steadily to US $ 691.3, an increase of US $ 3.3 compared to the previous session.

The Chilean peso was against the current one, with the dollar falling against the currencies of developed and emerging countries, due to the increase of rates by the Federal Reserve and the projected trajectory for 2019.

However, the depreciation of the national currency was consistent with the fall in copper, which was affected by the Fed.

The Chilean peso ranks third in the list of the highest casualties in the emerging markets basket.


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