The dollar in Chile today stood at $ 686.7, despite the rise in emerging currencies.


The local exchange rate de-linked from the rise of most Latin American currencies and stood at US $ 686.7 at the close of the day.

Despite the boom experienced by the world's emerging currencies, the dollar in Chile ended the day, reversing the morning's losses to above the $ 685 it closed last Friday.

Ignoring that the US currency loses 0.31% against a basket of strong currencies, the exchange rate is quoted in the local market at US $ 686.7, that is, US $ 1.4 more than was reached on Friday.

As a result, the exchange rate is decoupled from what happens outside the country, with the multilateral dollar falling and an increase in most major emerging currencies. In addition, the boom also hit Latin America, with all major currencies in the region taking advantage of the dollar minus the Chilean peso and the Argentine peso.

A fall in the price of copper sustained the strengthening of the dollar-peso. On the London Metal Exchange, industrial metal fell 0.14% to $ 2.7649 per pound, according to Cochilco data, while Comex futures fell about 0.5% at this time.

Key meeting

This is taking place as international markets prepare for the Fed's meeting between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Although investors have already taken it for granted that the entity will raise interest rates again, the unknown that holds the markets on hold is what will be the normalization strategy that will outline executives for next year.

A more aggressive Fed's perception of monetary normalization could give the dollar additional momentum in the short run, while highlights of a greater focus on gradualism or comments of concern about a possible slowdown in the economy could lower its strength.

In addition, the US is in the process of approving its budget, which increases the uncertainty of markets. Without considering worries about world growth in the wake of the trade war, after the IMF has indicated that there will likely be downward revisions in economic estimates.


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