The dollar in Chile today


The exchange rate ended the session with an increase of $ 0.5. Investors, yes, are waiting for clear signals from the talks between China and the United States.

The exchange rate began today following the trend of the last days of the hand of an increase in the price of copper, but with the passing of the hours weighed more the global behavior of the currency, so ended a series of five consecutive days of falls.

At the close of the trading day, the US currency in the local market was located US $ 651.9, which represents an increase of US $ 0.5 compared to yesterday's closing.

This movement occurs with the international price of the US currency – measured by the Dollar Index, which contrasts with a basket of currencies – noting a slight increase and the main emerging currencies show mixed results.

According to the operators, these are movements "on the sidelines", supported by the international currency advance, added to a rebound effect after having lost more than $ 20 in five consecutive days of contraction.

Of course, the market say investors are waiting for news on how the trade talks between China and the United States, which could mark a more definitive trend.

Since the Federal Reserve reaffirmed its most expansive tone at the first US monetary policy meeting of the year, the dollar fell in Chile.


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