The dollar in Chile today


The currency finally finished at $ 673.3, which represents $ 1.5 less than the close on Friday.

The enthusiasm that pushed the dollar in Chile last week, tied to optimism about a possible end to the trade war between China and the United States, cooled off in the early hours of Monday to the foreign exchange market after the figures of the trade giant. To turn alarms on the market.

In fact, in the first interbank transactions, the exchange rate operated at US $ 676.70 and after reaching US $ 678.6, the dollar in Chile gave a twist to the trend and finally ended at US $ 673.3, or be, $ 1, less 5 than Friday's closing.

Also, this is the lowest since December 5th.

One of the reasons it influenced was that in the early hours the dollar on a global level was operating steadily, but as hours passed, the US currency fell 0.14% against a basket of strong currencies.

It is clear that the Chilean peso was reduced by a sharp fall in the price of copper which fell 1.1% on the London Metal Exchange.

Today, trade balance data have been published in China, which showed the biggest decline in exports in two years and a drop in imports, raising concerns about the effects of the trade war on the world's second largest economy.

The tariff dispute and its impact on global growth has been one of the main points of pressure for emerging currencies in the last 12 months, and the Chilean peso has impacted mainly by the price of copper, whose main buyer is Beijing.


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