The dollar in Chile today


Imacec's positive data published today in the country also supported the depreciation of the US currency.

While enthusiasm for the new approach between China and the United States and that is sealed today with a meeting in Beijing is disappearing in the stock markets, the emerging world continues to raise prices. In this line, the Chilean peso saw a boost on Monday.

At the close of trading day, the exchange rate was US $ 680.1, which corresponds to a decrease of US $ 2.4 in relation to Friday's price.

With this, the local currency exchange is completely in line with what is happening outside the country.

At this time, the international price of the US currency – as measured by the Dollar Index, which contrasts with a basket of world currencies – operates with a fall of 0.47% to its lowest level in 17 weeks.

At the same time, the world's major emerging currencies are rising in blocks, with few exceptions.

These moves occur in a context of increased appetite for risk, after it was announced late last week that China and the United States will return to sit down to discuss their trade relations.

Given that the trade war has been one of the main pressure points for the riskiest assets in the last 12 months, a rapprochement between Washington and Beijing would benefit this particular segment.

In addition, this was supported by a local factor that played in favor of the national currency: in Chile, a figure was published by Imacec that surprised the positive side, consolidating the idea that the economy grew 4% last year.


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