The dollar gave 12 cents to $ 38.49 (wholesaler returned to the floor of the band)


The ticket accompanied the Single Market and Free Exchange (MULC), where the currency fell 23 cents to $ 37.37 and returned to the floor of the flotation band (now at $ 37.33). Such a situation could trigger, in the case of drilling, the intervention of the BCRA with sales of up to US $ 50 million per day.

During the round, the Central Bank placed Liquidity Letters (& lsquo; Leliq & # 39;) for $ 155,303 million at an average rate of 58.782% per year for seven days (yesterday ended at 58.80%). The maximum rate assigned was 58.987% and the minimum rate was 58%.

The US currency had a route from highest to lowest on a day when it finally the supply of income from abroad was imposed.

Buyer inertia, highlighted on Tuesday, remained in effect at the beginning of the round, pushing prices up to $ 37.70. Little by little, the sales orders were installed in the sector in which the big players operate, diluting the initial pressure on the price.

The fall in the exchange rate was staggered with some fluctuations and accelerated at the end when the intensity of the income forced new setbacks that made it reach a low of US $ 37,365 in the minutes before closing. Trading volume increased 13% to $ 643 million.

From the ABC Exchange Market, they explained that the Cereal exports continue to settle an average of $ 75 million a day and the rest of the revenue is from banks that dismantle positions and / or income from investors.

Similarly, The dollar index in the world fell 0.5% to 95,426 units, its lowest level since October, with advances led by the euro and the pound sterling, in the face of a higher risk appetite for optimism over US-China trade talks.

"This fall brings the price of the dollar closer to the lower limit of the official zone of nonintervention, remaining on the verge of forcing the Central Bank to support the values ​​if the trend of weakness displayed in the wheel is maintained," they said. PR Exchange Brokers.

In the informal market, in turn, blue he threw 50 cents to $ 39.75, according to the research of this medium in caves of the center of Buenos Aires. In its turn, "counted with liqui" fell five cents to $ 37.46

Other Markets

In the money market between banks, the call money was operated on an average of 53%. In foreign exchange swaps, US $ 142 million were agreed for the acquisition and / or placement of funds in pesos through the use of dollar purchases on Thursday and Friday.

At the ROFEX future marketUS $ 730 million were negotiated, of which more than 60% were agreed in the months of January and February, with a final payment of US $ 38.46 and US $ 39.82, with rates of 48.39% and 47.86% respectively.

Finally, the reservations of the Central Bank On Wednesday they increased $ 127 million to $ 65,944 million.


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