Saturday , February 27 2021

The details of the millionaire contract of Nicolás Castillo

Finally my Americanist friends, today was the good day, today was the day when the news that all the Americanists expected was confirmed because we finally wanted to see the news that the Chilean striker Nicolás Castillo, would become a new player of soccer of the Eagles of America.

After a long and complicated negotiation, the azulcremas managed to hire one of the best attackers that have arrived at the Mexican soccer in the last years. A true Killer, a man who is capable of making a lot of difference in the field on his own, now with a first level team like ours, we will surely have goals and targets in the wholesale.

However Castillo did not cost anything cheap to the Americanist directive, because although they managed to reduce considerably the cost to his signature, in the end Nico arrived thanks to the EUR 7 million which invested in America, an approximate value of 10 million dollars. In this way too, the Chilean would be the second best League MX, just behind the French striker André Pierre Gignac.

The details of the millionaire contract of Nicolás Castillo

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