Saturday , October 23 2021

The detail that sparked the critique of Kel Calderon's Christmas greeting


Far from what we are accustomed to, the lawyer and fashionista Kel Calderón sent a brief message to his followers on the Instagram for this Christmas.

"Goblin helping Santa today – have a lovely evening together with your families," he wrote in his account at the instagram k3lcalderon.

The words of Raquel Argandoña's daughter have reached the heart of more than 46,000 people who "liked" her photo, where she appears in a red Christmas vest, as well as movies like "My poor angel."

This detail, however, was cause for some criticism, since in Chile it is summer and normally no vest is used on those dates.

"With a vest !!!! What a wave we are in Chile … not us …" criticized one of the users. Despite this, most messages were responding with a "Merry Christmas."

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