Thursday , February 25 2021

The deep relief of Belén Mora by the hard critique of his physical

During the last years, There are several famous people who are fingered on social networks, where they criticize them for themselves and for not. And accordinglyBelén Mora is no exception.

Through the different social platforms, the comedian receives daily some criticism on its weight, which does not generate more drama. "I'm not affected by what people think of me. If someone bothers me that I'm a guatona, get the profile of a skinnier. Or if it bothers you that you do not go out in the photos, stay with what is fixed, because I am like this, I am natural ", he ventured into dialogue with Biut.

In addition, one of the great winners of the past Huaso del Olmué Festival He revealed that his family had a positive influence not to worry about these problems.


"My father since he was a girl told me that I was the princess of the world, that it was the most beautiful thing there was, and he told me so many times that I believe," he kept.

For the same reason, the "Belenaza" added that "I like my body.If I have six breasts, like the joke in my routine, I have them and I show them.In fact, when I have been fat, I have made characters and have taken care of it to give joy to someone else."

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