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Buckingham Palace is probably one of the safest places in the world as it is the home of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch who has been the longest in the UK. However, security flaws were mixed and the consequences caused a stir.

In 2003, a mistake was made in hiring a new butler, because in reality it was a a reporter disguised as the Daily Mirror, whose objective was to discover the secrets of the royal family, recorded El País.

However, one of the biggest security mistakes involved young Irish woman who entered the palace and had the pleasure of talking to His Majesty, although the 10 minutes of conversation caused a stir in the UK and more than a headache for the iconic Margaret Thatcher.

An intruder came to the queen's bedroom

It was in the summer of 1982 and Michael Fagan, an Irishman of 31 years, starred in what is considered the greatest violation of true 20th century security.

Michael Fagan photo: PA NEWS | The Guardian
Michael Fagan photo: PA NEWS | The Guardian

That's because Fagan climbed the wall of Buckingham Palace and managed to overcome all the security measures that watched the queen to enter her room and hold a quiet conversation of about 10 minutes, according to the Daily Mirror. The extra problem was that he did not do this just once, but there were two occasions when he managed to interfere in the palace.

But As an ordinary man, unemployed and with some personal problems, did he achieve such a feat?

According to The Guardian, Michael, on a first trip to Buckinham, climbed on the bare, beardless wall of jeans and T-shirt, with the excuse of "seeing the queen", how he wanted to know who he was and only she could reveal

He added that he went to the third floor of the palace, where he met one of the maids, Sarah Carter, who did not disturb his presence while he was reading, then Fagan crossed the room and continued his visit to the place.

He passed the room of Mark Phillips, the husband of Princess Anne, however, decided not to disturb as he thought he would probably be sleeping, so he continued with his sightseeing.

Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019
Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019

He also passed Room 108, where he stored the gifts the public gave to Diana, the Princess of Wales, who in those years was pregnant with William, his first child.

It was in this place that, after moving some papers, found a bottle of wine and sat down to drink while waiting to be captured, aware of what he was doing. However, no one came in his quest, so he decided to go home.

But not satisfied with this visit to the royal palace four weeks later, on July 9, 1982, he used the same technique and entered the palace again, although he had drunk at least 10 glasses of whiskey and gone a little further.

According to what ABC mentioned, the 31-year-old man advanced through the palace and He sat on Queen Isabell II's bed with a disheveled look and a sore on his hand.

Isabel was alarmed, but she controlled the situation and was able to hold a ten-minute conversation with this man as she tried to warn her security personnel.

According to El Pais, His Majesty spoke with the visitor to him he asked for a cigarette, to which the queen indicated that he had not, but that he could go look for the next room, moment he took the opportunity to warn his guard, who immediately reduced Michael.

Fagan's goal was talk to the queen and talk about your problems, since they both had 4 children and this would be the best way to find a solution since they shared that characteristic.

In his pilgrimage, he found a room with an old collection of stamps of King George V, worth 20 million dollars, nevertheless, he did not pay attention to the millionaire exhibition, since its real objective was to solve its problems with the support. of Isabel.

The bottle of wine and a cover of Sex Pistols

After being arrested, Fagan went on trial, however, not for his audacity to wake the queen, but at the stealing half a bottle of white wine, which he had taken while enjoying some sandwiches at his first entrance to the palace.

In addition to this accusation, two extra charges were considered, the robbery of a car in London and the assault on the stepson.

After appearing in the rooms of Old Bailey, a criminal court, he was acquitted, since it was established that he had not acted dishonestly, The Guardian said.

The fact that he was accused of stealing the bottle of wine replied that there was no evidence that the subject tried to commit a crime and, if there was one, implied that it was an invasion.

This could constitute an unprecedented event and represented legal problems, since the queen would have to declare, however, it is she who presides symbolically the Judiciary.

Despite all this, some time later, Fagan had his chance to manifest his relationship with the queen through music. He joined the band. The Bollock brothers record "God Save the Queen", a cover of the popular song Sex Pistols.

Its consequences

This incident revealed serious deficiencies, which led to a review of the security measures in force, which were considered very relaxed at the time, commented El País.

In addition, a product of the investigations that were conducted in Buckinham, which included an inspection of security personnel, Michael Trestrail – the queen's commander in charge of security outside the palace – resigned from his position, but not Michael Fagan. .

Trestrail, who was also a personal cop of the Duke of Edinburgh, had a relationship with a prostitute several years ago, who in the midst of investigations into the Fagan case contacted a newspaper to reveal his situation.

Besides that, Margaret Thatcher, the iron lady of the United Kingdom, who officiated as prime minister, had to give explanations stating that she was "Deeply worried" about the fact, which was added to the words of his Interior Minister, William Whitelaw, who had to intervene in the House of Commons to divulge the reasons for the serious violation of the security of the royal family, alluding to the technician and humans

Agence France-Presse
Agence France-Presse

Likewise, Thatcher met Isabel II to express his concern and apologize for the precarious security they had given to the royal family, ordering it not to happen again.


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