The dangerous gang Nine Trey Gangsta Blood linked to rapper 6ix9ine


NEW YORK, UNITED STATES.- O The life of rapper 6ix9ine, also known as Tekashi, has been involved in controversy since he was a child and now faces 32 years in prison or life imprisonment for belonging to the dangerous gang. Nine Trey Gangsta Blood.

According to various American media, the criminal gang that is attached to DAniel Hernández operated between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The organization is accused of committing several shootings, robberies, robberies and drug sales in these state of New York.

The gang has wreaked havoc in the city in flagrant acts of violence, he said. Geoffrey Berman, promoter of the Southern District of New York.

They also ensure that 6ix9ine He gave the order to shoot a man who disrespected the gang.

The rapper has been arrested over the weekend and is being sued for his involvement in murders and involved in organized crime.


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