The controversial action by which they expelled a Russian rider from the 2019 Dakar Rally – More sports


The Russian truck driver Andrey Karginov He was expelled Dakar Rally 2019 which runs on the dunes and deserts of Peru for running over a South African spectator and not stopping to help him, organizers said on Saturday.

"The truck number 518 (Andrey Karginov) was excluded from the demonstration by the jury of the commissioners for not attending the person injured in the accident", states an ASO statement.

The affected person was a 60-year-old South African fracture in the femur by the impact of the truck.

"The spectator was immediately taken care of by the medical teams of the rally and taken to the airport of Ilo, where he was taken to the hospital of Arequipa", the organizers pointed out.

The accident occurred on Friday at kilometer 279 of the timed section of the fifth stage, disputed between Tacna and Arequipa, in southern Peru, with a distance of 776 kilometers, of which 517 were in competition.

The South African was out of the set area for the spectators that the organization of the race establishes for each stage, according to the organizers.

A video was flipped on the nets, where it is seen as the heavy vehicle, which also traveled Andrey Mokeev and Igor Leonov, nearing five fans at full speed across a dune and runs overseas.

"He stepped on, stepped on, helped, helped," shouted other onlookers who witnessed the accident.

According to the organization, Karginov was in fourth place in the general classification of trucks and fought in the first places of its category.

In the 5,000 kilometers of the Dakar-2019 – 70% of them in the sand – the rally travels back and forth from Lima to Tacna, on the border with Chile.

The most difficult stage was the 370-kilometer marathon between Arequipa and Tacna, on the fifth day of Friday.

The Dakar is held for the fourth time in Peru, although for the first time in South America it occurs in only one country. This year, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile refused to participate in the test for reasons of austerity.



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