The complex of living the extreme emotions


After a suicide attempt, Mexican Lizbeth Flores was hospitalized for several days under intensive care. Doctors warned his mother that he might not be saved because the rodenticide he had taken had affected a large part of his organs.

They told him that if he saved his life, he would have consequences. When Liz, who chose not to give her real name, was still undergoing intensive treatment, she was visited by the psychiatrist. There he received the diagnosis: bipolar disorder Affective Liz says that before her suicide attempt, she went through long periods of sadness.

"I had drastic mood swings, but I thought they were normal, until I got to the hospital, so I read a lot, it's a very complex disease, emotions They are extreme and in my case it was more depressing and permissive, "he says.

Remember that he had days when his spirit rose; However, most of the time I was sad. "Until one day several problems made me think that life had no meaning, I thought, I'm going to wake up tomorrow and what else?"

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She left the hospital and admitted that she made the bad decision to marry because she wanted to be a mother. "I felt it had to happen because I did not know when my life would end." But when she got married, her disturbance got worse, her ex-husband accompanied her to the psychiatrist and she was lying about Liz's mood swings, so the specialist took her at higher doses, which made her feel drugged all the time and with slow reactions.

Due to the medication she had an abortion and then stopped taking them. After a while, she became pregnant and completely stopped the treatment. When the child was born, she returned to psychological therapy and, throughout the time, had to be observed to be sure that neither the baby nor the baby would be harmed by depression.

"Since my son was born, I no longer use medication, but sometimes I feel sad, but not like before, I had so many problems that I never had time to get depressed, and it worked for me to learn new things to occupy my mind.", he explains. (Agencies)


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