The Cofares Training Institute celebrates a series of films and health dedicated to Alzheimer's disease


MADRID, December 14 (EUROPE PRESS) –

The Cofares Training Institute has exhibited the film Siempre Alice, which reflects what it is like to live with Alzheimer's disease at the Círculo de Belas Artes in Madrid, an activity that is part of the 2018 Film and Health Cycle / 2019 released to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

After the film, a lecture was given on the disease in which health journalist Francisco Fernández and Neurology specialist Guillermo García participated.

In it, the "toughness" of the disease has been highlighted and aspects such as loss of identity or the absence of visible physical deterioration have been highlighted, "which means that many people do not end up giving the seriousness that it actually has," as stated.

In addition, it has been emphasized that Alzheimer's disease "is usually much more difficult for the immediate social environment than for the patient, since he is not aware of what happens to him besides realizing that something of his memory fails him" .

"It is the relatives and relatives who suffer the most, as they not only have to take on new care responsibilities towards the patient but also need to see how a loved one is losing his or her own identity," he said during the talk.

A & # 39; Always Alice & # 39; will be followed by four other films, which will be shown in the coming months at the Círculo de Bellas Artes. They are "Anne's decision", scheduled for January 16, on cancer; "100 meters," for February 20, in multiple sclerosis; A single man who will appear on March 13 on depression and the unforgettable Simon Birch on April 10 on mucopolysaccharidosis.


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