The children of anti-vaccine vaccines are already desperately searching the Internet for a secret vaccine


In forums like Reddit begin to appear testimonies of children of anti-vaccination people who fear for their lives and failed to convince their parents.

One of the most controversial issues in the health field has been the exponential rise of people belonging to the anti-vaccine movement in recent years. Many governments and organizations are looking at the subject with great concern. So much so that WHO has included the movement as a health threat and in different parts of the world is considering the implementation of fines.

This fact would not be so serious if vaccines against the vaccine only hurt their decisions. However, this is not the case because they endanger the rest of society. The main victims are their own children, because their stubbornness prevented them from being vaccinated. Indeed, and many of these children have grown up and are watching with concern the controversial decisions of their parents.

For example, forums like Reddit are already beginning to see this phenomenon. A user named Danny691261 posted a topic asking how he could be vaccinated without his mother's consent. As he explains, the 15-year-old tried from the age of eleven to persuade her to let him receive at least one injection. Since the woman is a strong anti-vaccine, she has not been able to change her mind.

The problem is clear: where he lives, a minor can not be vaccinated without the consent of his parents. Therefore, you have been looking into the law as you could make the decision for yourself. The results are so varied and so unclear that he was forced to ask about the internet.

The children of anti-vaccine vaccines are already desperately searching the Internet for a secret vaccine

Looking for solutions

Odds do not play in the teenager's favor. When asked if he could fake his mother's signature, users responded that it was definitely a bad idea because it is a crime that brings in prison.

On the other hand, it was said that he should also wait until he is 18 years old. However, waiting a few years could continue to expose you to the dangers of not being vaccinated.

He was also advised to talk to the school nurse. According to one user, a person with this occupation is best suited to "fight" and persuade parents against the vaccine, since it is something they have to deal with very often.

There is another aggravating circumstance in this case, and is that consent laws vary widely between states and countries. Danny691261 has been helped with a link explaining the laws that apply in every territory of the United States. This could help you in your task of getting vaccinated, but this is just one case of many.

At this time, many teenagers around the world may be experiencing the same problems as "Danny". Thus, they may be afraid of the constant neglect of their parents anti-vaccine and seek at all cost a way to be safe.


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