The changes that will come in the morning of Chilevisión with the arrival of Pamela Diaz: there will be new faces


The year 2019 will bring changes to Pamela Diaz, who will be the next morning driver of Chilevisión.

So they ratified it the morning of TVN, from where they said that "The morning of the CHV" will have several modifications with the arrival of Pamela. In fact, it is expected that the block will be divided into two segments, the first one more news that would be in charge of Julio César Rodríguez and then the second would start, more playful.

"It would be two different programs, with different teams," said Hugo Valencia.

And the rumors point to this, as it is almost a fact that Rafael Araneda will not continue on the television station, most likely Diaz is accompanied on the morning of his colleague in "The Night is ours": Jean Philippe Cretton.


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