The cetacean returned: The dolphin trolls Colo Colo after the elimination at the hands of the Ecuadorian UC in the South American Cup


Dolphin of Manta is a rival that brings bad memories to the Colo Colo, after all the complications that brought the Ecuadorian box in the past Libertadores. Although the albuns have reached the quarterfinals of that tournament, the box of Manabites does not forget them.

Therefore, once the classification of the Ecuadorean UC in Santiago was completed, a message of congratulations from their social networks of cetacean painting to the "chatoleí" arrived. And the respective touch of ear to the Cacique, to the indignation of his fans.

In any case, Delfín did not do better this year at international level: in the previous phase of the Libertadores, he defeated the Paraguayan National and was eliminated with Caracas.

See the message:

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