The capital's motel will be headed by Tía Rica: linked to the country's historic drug dealer | National


One of the motels in the metropolitan area will be coming soon auction process which will be in charge of the Directorate General of Credit Prendario (Dicrep) or Tía Rica.

The institution, acting as the agency responsible for enforcing criminal judgments concerning confiscated species, will initiate the bidding Vacation Specials, located in José Joaquín Prieto # 5056, in the municipality of San Miguel.

The two-story building has more than 1,360 square meters, 24 rooms with their respective parking lots and its commercial value is 26,857 Development Units (close to US $ 733 million).

The property will be auctioned once you arrive at the institution violation of the law 20,000 (drug law) of the 14th Warranty Court of Santiago, 9th Warranty Court of Santiago and the Second Court of Crime of Viña del Mar.

motel-búzios auction

The director general of Dicrep, Mario Acuña, explained that "these are goods that have been subtracted from the legal market, most likely they were purchased with the product of the traffic. With the resources that are obtained from illicit activities often the properties are bought for what it is necessary to do is to recover them so that they are reinserted in the legal trade again. "

The property is related to Mário Silva, known as the "Cabro Carrera", the country's largest drug dealer. In relation to this, Acuña stated that "it is a property that is association that was formed for the purpose of committing a crime opportunity. It was an organized group. "

The property has debts by concept of territorial tax, US $ 77,018,278, another for water consumption of US $ 520 thousand and electricity supply US $ 947 thousand.

The minimum auction position is US $ 550 million pesos and will be held on Thursday, November 29, at 3:30 p.m., in Matucana 33.


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