The bottle loses to Colo Colo


Leonidas Vial's intention to prevent the Social Club and Sports Colo Colo from exercising their right to have two directors (thus two votes) in black and white can not materialize. That's because the Santiago Chamber of Commerce decided to reject the lawsuit filed by Renta ST Limited, which was intended to disqualify corporate representatives from the albo directory.

The reason for Vial to denounce was the alleged stock agreement between former Black and White president Anibal Meuse and the Social Club. His argument was that this influenced the choice of the Puerto Rican businessman as a helmsman of the Cacique. The process is April 2017.

In a document released yesterday, it is explained that the evidence presented by the complainant was not enough. Therefore, according to the letter signed by Judge Luz María Jordán Astaburuaga, "it is decided to reject the request deducted by the ST Rental Limited, without costs …, each party to bear the costs of arbitration in half." . That is, in addition to paying the trial between the two parties, nothing happened.

The reaction was swift in the corporation and immediately issued a statement highlighting the decision. "We are deeply grateful that the decision has been adjusted to the law, ratifying the full confidence that the Club has maintained at all times regarding the clarity of our defense arguments," they published on its website.

In turn, Edmundo Valladares, president of the sports club, agrees with the decision. "We are grateful for the confidence of our partners. We hope this will be a turning point that will consolidate the progress that this institution has and will continue within the Colo Colo," he says. The third.

Can the decision be decisive in the upcoming election of the black and white president? "In his minute, we will analyze the electoral scenario and we will raise our own proposals. The representative that we choose in this opportunity will have to make the best decision considering the best project for Colo Colo," says Valladares.

The two representatives of the Corporation may attend the Black and White Shareholders' Meeting on April 29 and may signify some movement in the presidency, since former champion Anibal Mosa has already expressed interest in returning the post to Gabriel Ruiz Tagle, representative of the Vial block.


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