"The best is to stay out": Claudio Borghi harshly criticized Argentina and Messi | Special Copa_america


After the hard defeat in his Copa America debut against Colombia, the argentine team has been at the center of the press criticism of his country.

Those led by Lionel Scaloni they still do not convince, dragging a bad patch that comes before the World Cup in Russia and that has the fans about to lose their patience, after losing three finals in a row.

One of those who joined the questioning was Claudio Borghi, former world champion with the albiceleste in 1986. The & quot; Bichi & # 39; against Lionel Messi and Scaloni, of whom he pointed out that he is "evidently responsible".

Speaking to Villa Deportivo Super Sport Radio, Borghi criticized the AFA, noting that "There is a leadership that is guided more by criticism from the press and the public and makes immediate changes of coaches. They do not mention what they need, but the most popular to silence criticism. "

In addition, he warned with a harsh statement about team performance, stating that "to succeed in life there is nothing more advisable than failing". If Argentina plays poorly it's best to stay out and start from scratch with a project. "

Finally, he questioned the performance of Linoel Messi. The Barcelona star has earned criticism from his compatriots for not acting the same way in the national team.

"It seems that sometimes it's a bit forced, He is more forced to play than he likes the game. I do not know the intern, but Messi is seen dejected by circumstances that can not cope and how he has responsibility for everything that happens, for good and evil, "concluded the Bichi.

It should be noted that this Wednesday, Argentina will face Paraguay at 8:30 p.m. with the mission of achieving a good result to stay alive in the Copa America.


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