the beep stops working in Japan officially


Nearly fifty years after its launch, this smartphone ancestor receives his Viking funeral.

Remember Beeper? Depending on where on the planet they were It was also known such as Pager, Messaging or Pager. It turns out that in Japan they were still active, but not anymore.

About your story. In 1960, the first prototype of this device was created, which had its formal commercial launch until ten years later.

Since its launch, during the 1980s and much of the 1990s, the Beeper has become an indispensable accessory; by all that modern man who needed to be available at all times. But then, with the arrival of the internet and smartphones, his days were numbered.


Twenty years ago they stopped producing new models of this toy. But the Japanese company Tokyo Telemessation its telecommunications network was still operating.

The reason was simple and obvious: they still had customers! More than 1,500 people They still had not decided to make the leap and continued paying their monthly subscription to receive messages in their Beeper.

However, according to reports Japan Times, the company decided to stop the madness. Therefore, announced that from September 2019 will deactivate its infrastructure, with which the devices will stop working.

Apparently, those who clung to the past were people who did not want to migrate to a smartphone. Or workers in the health sector. Where these devices were still popular for not emitting electromagnetic waves.

But the future has come to them and with this announcement the definitive death of Beeper in Japan is confirmed.


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