The applauded Christmas gesture of the teacher of Places Who Speak Glamorama


Author: A.C. December 25, 2018

"Hi Viejito Pascuero, I want you to give me this desire if you really exist: I want to meet Pancho Saavedra from Places Que Talla … I wanted to meet you because you are a very polite, kind, cheerful and good person for yours size".

That's what the letter sent by Maria Francisca – a 10-year-old girl without a father or mother – said to Santa Claus.

María Francisca is from Quinamávida, in the region of Maule. The little one said that she behaved very well and the letter arrived in the hands of the driver.

The face of Channel 13 came out to fulfill the desire of Maria Francisca, who brought her gift book, and the good deed of Christmas already has more than 55 thousand "tanned" in the social network.


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