"That affected me a lot": Andrea Arístegui gives details of his departure from TVN | TV and Show


This Saturday it was announced that the journalist Andrea Arístegui TVN will be leaving, having been in the state channel for more than 15 years.

In particular, after his resignation, he will depart from projects such as the political program National state and the news 24 hours a day.

The communicator reached the signal when he had to carry out his professional practice, so he developed his entire journalistic life in this television space.

In a conversation with the national newspaper La Cuarta, Arístegui confessed that it is a painful decision, but that he should have opted for it "after several months that were very complicated for the channel, This affected me a lot."

In effect, TVN has experienced a sustained economic crisis in recent months. Between January and September this year, the channel recorded losses of more than US $ 11 billion and, in addition, the executive director Jaime de Aguirre left the office assuring that "it is necessary a determined economic, political and spiritual support".

One of the consequences of this economic decline is employee layoffs. Of them, Aristegui said that "I know a large part of the workers who have left their jobs not voluntarily. This hit me deeply. and I have an emotional need to get out of the channel, it was something that we agreed upon and understood perfectly. "

Arístegui took the opportunity to summon the political class, asking him to "live up to the task and make a good decision." I sincerely hope that the project is kept alive, which is fundamental for a better society and a stronger democracy ".

His new television house would be Mega. Sources of this signal have confirmed that the journalist will arrive at a new project called Mega Plus, which is the second cable signal from Mega Media, which will seek to win ABC1 men and women between the ages of 35 and 50.

Despite the existing information, Arístegui determined that "Until now I have nothing confirmedSo I have nothing more to say. (About) the details of the negotiations I am very prudent, out of respect for the people and companies involved, I would rather not go into details. "


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