Saturday , October 23 2021

Tekken 7 could reach the Nintendo Switch if fans want


Tekken 7 is available in PS4, Xbox One and PC, but we could see a version for Nintendo Switch In the not too distant future. Katsuhiro Harada, director of the game, made some statements in which he says Tekken 7 could come to this console if fans insist on it and show they really want the game on the Nintendo Switch. It is not the first time Harada has mentioned this topic, but years ago he said that technical factors made it difficult to transfer the game to the Nintendo console. In addition, Do not dismiss without giving hope for players who expect to be able to enjoy anywhere.

Namco Bandai bets on extending the game with new playable characters, formula that we are also seeing in Street Fighter V O Dragon Ball FighterZ, there is still a lot of Tekken 7 ahead. The last to arrive was Negan, a character of great popularity in the television series The Walking Dead. Armed with this peculiar weapon called Lucille, Negan from Tekken 7 traces the excessive violence the character has shown on more than one occasion.

Although The Walking Dead is before a comic book that a television series, for the version of the fighting game they used the model of the AMC series, in which the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan He was able to characterize his whole temperament. His first appearance was in the EVO 2018, when he showed through a brief teaser. Lei Wulong, Anna Williams, King of Armor, Julia Chang and Craig Marduk They complete the team of fighters who will join Tekken 7, all known to fans.

Learn the basics of Tekken 7

Coverage Tutorial on Tekken 7

The possibility of a version for the Nintendo Switch or the arrival of Negan in the game can cause more than one fan of the series consider to try the luck with combos and attacks. In E-Squad Academy we were able to learn the basic moves each player must know from the hand Caiper, a teacher specializing in Tekken 7. Simple tips that will help us stop beating the command waiting for our character to perform the combos without knowing the reason.

In Tekken 7, each button corresponds to a member, using arms and legs distributed among the 4 basic buttons of a control. One of the curiosities of Tekken is the fact that each of these buttons has a worldwide nomenclature, which allows all players to understand combinations of buttons in the same way.

The movements in Tekken 7 are essential to break the opponent's defense and start a damaging combo. According to the position in which the opponent is, we will have to use a different attack because there is no "perfect defense"While all punches and kicks are the essential part of the game, squats play a very important role to be very detrimental to performance.Each footprint has a different style and as in movements there are special ways of getting rid of them. The practical way will help us with this. Once we get the trick, it will be time to start managing with the combos.

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