Teen shooter gave details on his clashes with Nicole Moreno's son | TV and Show


Last Thursday, a confusing story began when a 17-year-old boy was shot in the Las Condes district of Santiago. Among the alleged criminals is the Nicole Moreno's 16-year-old son, who was provisionally admitted to a Sename center during the investigation.

The victim, who was at vital risk, was discharged during the day of Wednesday, after which he granted an interview in the morning. Top Of Page, where he narrated how things happened.

The minor said he met the son of "Luli" in a McDonalds store. "I was eating with two friends and he spent the first time looking at me ugly with three friends … So he went with six friends and without stopping to look at me. When I finished eating, I left and asked why he looked at me so ugly. And he told me not to get too close because I had a glove " he said.

According to his story, the young man wanted to hit him. "I remember that I approached, but they separated us for the shot because he pulled the glove and we left," he added.

The teenager also assured that Moreno's son wanted to beat him for being friends with his expolola and because he probably believed they had some sort of relationship, which he openly denied. "I used to get together with her cousin, that's why we used to call each other, that's why everyone said I was a cousin but did not cousin," she said.


The second time the teenagers met was for the New Year at a point of view on General Blanche Avenue in Santiago, where they made peace and shook hands, as he said in the interview.

"After that a friend of his arrived that night and I remember telling him that here I was and that they beat me, but since I was with my friend and they know him, he did not let me get run over. we went to the shooting, because there were many, "he said.

The night he was shot The teenager claims that Nicole's son told her to come together on several occasions, but gave up saying that she "did not go out with people who had him wrong."


"At first I said no, but when he told me he was out of my neighbor's house, so he would not come to my house, I got shot, but he was already waiting for me. , because he was standing outside waiting for me because I was going out with him (sic), "he said.

"There I think they put the gun on my friend, they opened the gate and it happened"he said. "It was a gun, but there were more people in the car.I saw five men and one woman.There was a woman on top of a man in the car," he said.

The young man says that the person who shot him was a "big person" whom he did not know. "I left, went to the workshop and said," Is it? ", Asks the big person and says" yes, that's it ". Open the gate and start shooting at the big person ", he said.

"The first one (shot) comes to me, but it sounded very slowly and I thought it was a blank, so I started to hear more and I ran. I shot here, came in and said, "It's not a white," I lifted my shirt and picked up the hole. I lost consciousness, that's why I got this egg here, because I think I hit here (in the head), "he said.

According to his story, he regained consciousness in the ambulance and found his mother, who asked him to be strong. After that, he was transferred to the hospital, where he was at vital risk.

While the interview was broadcast on the morning of the Network Nicole Moreno said she was happy that the young man was at home and better, but there are many things in the case that are not known, including that she and her family were being threatened with death.


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