Technology giants lose $ 720 billion in stock in nearly two months


For many months, the top five stock capitalization positions in the United States have been covered by technology, but the trend is starting to change.

The cycle change on Wall Street will begin where the longest expansive era of history began: the technology sector.

Silicon Valley's top companies, led by Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix, were the architects of unprecedented growth in US markets, which have increased almost uninterruptedly since March 2009.

The strength of technology, its strong growth rate, high cash flow and diversification potential have made them the favorites of investors, taking the top positions among the most valuable companies and overtaking traditional sectors such as industrial or financial.

For many months, the top five positions among the most market capitalized entities in the United States were covered by technology, but the trend begins to change. Investors are wary of the industry's leadership capacity, dragging its top companies and, with them, the entire market, given the tremendous weight that technology represents for Wall Street.

Since October 1, when doubts were already inevitable, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Netflix accumulated a loss of stock market value. US $ 722 billion. The amount exceeds one trillion dollars in relation to the maximum registered between August and September.

Apple concentrates most of the fears on the market. The company closed the best year of its history last September, but was very cautious with the expected revenue in the current quarter, in thesis the biggest sales thanks to consumerist pull of the holiday season. At the time, many of its vendors downgraded earnings estimates before falling orders from the main contractor, which came to surround the iPhone, whose saturation begins to be a determining reality for the future of Apple, which still depends on 60% of the its main phone, despite the effort to grow in the service market.


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