Monday , October 18 2021

Teachers highlight "tremendous support for citizens" after a mass march to Valparaiso


The Teachers' Association estimated that 30,000 people from all over Chile participated in the march of Route 68 on Tuesday for Congress in Valparaiso.

The union highlighted the strength of the demonstration that began to gather on Monday night in the city of Buenos Aires, within the framework of the indefinite strike that has been going on for more than a week.

The president of Teachers & # 39; College, Mario Aguilar, stressed that "has been tremendous., that gives us a lot of strength for those of us. "

"While the government falls and falls in the polls, teachers receive the affection of the people, the citizens of Chile. This gives us the strength to continue this fight until the government gives concrete answers to the concrete problems we present, because the symbolism that comes from the road is that we are here all over Chile, "he explained.

"This is not a march just for the people of Valparaiso, who received us with great affection, we were attended since last night when we arrived the first bus, the first traffickers, we stayed in vigil in Placilla and the reception of the people has been wonderful" added Aguilar.

According to the Magisterium, the protesters reached 30,000.

Once the mobilization was completed, incidents between hooded and carabineers in Avenida Pedro Montt with Uruguay.

This afternoon, teachers have a meeting with the Undersecretary of Education, although they hope to meet with the portfolio minister, Marcela Cubillos.

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