Sweden prepares for the disappearance of money | International


Sweden is preparing to live without money: half of the trade will not receive notes or coins in 2025. Faced with this near future, authorities are working to anticipate any inconvenience that may arise from the absence of traditional silver.

The Central Bank of Sweden has tested e-krona, a digital currency that will keep control of the money supply. But at the same time, possible scenarios arise that problems to solve: What will happen to online payments and bank accounts if any power grid fails or servers are harmed by power outages, hackers or even a war.

"In the position we are in, it would not be appropriate to stand with your arms crossed without doing anything to notice only from a distance that the money disappeared, "said Stefan Ingves, governor of the Swedish central bank, quoted by The New York Times.

"You can not go back in time, but you need to find a way to deal with change," he added.

The other possible problem is the exclusion of people who, by age or access, they do not deal very well with electronic devices.

"About a million people do not feel comfortable using a computer or iPad or iPhone for their banking affairs, "said Christina Tallberg, 75, president of the Swedish National Retirement Organization.

"We are not against the digital movement, we just believe it has advanced very quickly," he added.

In Sweden, one fifth of the ten million people do not use ATMs; and more than four thousand have implemented a microchip in hand to pay, for example, public transportation. In the population between 18 and 24 years, 95% make their purchases with a debit card or through an application created by the most important banks in the country.

Swedish authorities have two proposals to keep money circulating. Parliament wants only the largest banks to deal with money, while the central bank insists that everyone do it.

Swedbank, SEB and other financial institutions are struggling against the demands of lawmakers, arguing that offering more access could overwhelm them.


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