Suspected case dismissed of the Hanta virus in Osorno


After Tuesday morning was reported in a suspected case of Hanta virus in Osorno district, finally the infection was eventually dismissed as announced during the day of the same day, the Regional Health Seremi of Los Lagos, Scarlett Molt.

It was a woman who at the first moment after feeling discomfort, was submitted to the rapid test of detection of the virus, that was applied in the city of Osorno, having tested positive, then she was transferred to Temuco to be reassessed, where finally the tests were negative .

So far, so far in 2019, there has been no case of hanta at the provincial level in Osorno, so the Seremi Health once again extended the respective recommendations to the population to prevent the spread of this virus.

It should be remembered that in 2018, they were eithercho O cases of the Hanta virus were recorded in the Los Lagos region, where two of them had fatal consequences. One in the province of Osorno and one in the province of Llanquihue.


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