Surprising The reaction of Raquel Argandoña after the excuses of Luis Gnecco


The round between Luis Gnecco vs. Raquel Argandola and Patty are still talking. During the last few days, the actor surprised the world after apologizing for saying "old cult …" to television participants, who at the time responded with everything.

In fact, the man called them to the program they take on Radio Agriculture, "Without limit", where he bowed the bow and made a meaning mea culpa.

"I wanted to call them.I promised to do it.It was a mistake from beginning to end, it was a free comment, since it is not appropriate to offend you by thinking differently, or anyone else.I ran my hand, offended and it was a rude not to put, "he confessed.

And this Monday, it was Raquel Argandoña herself who referred to the subject in the "Welcome", where, far from what some might think, appreciated the gesture of the old "Single Again."

"Children have no problem asking for forgiveness, but the adults do. It seemed very sincere", launched the "Quintrala" the morning of Channel 13.

In addition, he talked about the reaction of his son Nano Calderón, who went to look for him at home after hearing the bad treatment that his mother received.

"If someone treats his mother like that, I agree to hit him with a few bangs. Because he tells us this, and then he says again, he offends us again. And I was offending women our age. My son has a reaction and he sent it to his social networks. Nor is it about holding back cacophones, but I think it's good that he defends his mother, "he revealed.

I accept

In addition, the Raca delivered his theories on the repentance of Luis Gnecco.

"A week went by and we were reviewing every day on the program.I think in the environment that made him think.He meditated.Thank you.Excuses accepted.The only bad thing is that we debuted in Iquique – a concert cafe with Patricia Maldonado – and we had four sheets with Luis Gnecco. Now we're going to have to change because it does not matter, "he said with humor.

Finally, Raquel Argandoña said that Gnecco had already apologized in particular, but it was necessary that they should now be public.

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