Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaked pirate version for Nintendo Swtich


Hacking the Switch is not easy, and Nintendo has not made it easy for pirates, but the Internet is filling up with download links Super Smash Bros. Ultimate two weeks before they hit the shops.

According Motherboard, the game first appeared in WarezNX, a popular community of Nintendo Switch hackers who – like other similar communities – is organized through the Discord chat platform. "Regarding the games [pirateados] of Switch, this is the biggest in history, "he told the magazine. a WarezNX administrator.

To filter this game, you must first access your files via the download codes that Nintendo gives to youtubers and journalists or through physical access to a cartridge before it is released. At least one of the downloads of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which circulate in the forums seems to come from a physical cartridge from Mexico.

Anyway, such an early filtering of such an important game is unusual. To prevent download links from reappearing on WarezNX (and with them, Nintendo chase), administrators have decided to forbid for all low-level server users.


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